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11 JAN 2015 News: Biogen Idec to acquire Convergence Pharmaceuticals

Convergence Pharmaceuticals is focused on the development of novel, high value analgesics for the treatment of chronic pain. Innovative approaches to the treatment of chronic pain are desperately needed, most notably because there are a high number of sufferers and current treatments are characterised by poor efficacy and side effects. The Company is an independent biotechnology company that was formed in October 2010 following the acquisition of clinical assets from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The Company comprises experienced drug development professionals designing clinical trial programs and world class expertise in ion channel electrophysiology and ion channel medicinal chemistry.

Convergence Pharmaceuticals’ pipeline of differentiated clinical-stage compounds targets the points of convergence in chronic pain signalling through modulation of specific ion-channels. Its pipeline of voltage gated sodium channels is unmatched in the industry. The Company is well funded and raised $35.4 million in Series A financing from a syndicate of leading European and US VCs.


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